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Tralaco Technology Limited (Tralaco) is the premium and energetic provider on UPS and computer room infrastructure solution. Established since 1989, Tralaco specializes in the sales and service of Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC), Site Monitoring and Computer Room Construction.

Throughout the years, Tralaco has been undertaking different challenge project and critical solutions to help our client to handle various projects such as relocation, installation and renovation of Data center, computer room and hub switching room. We have served over 1000 customers and have our services extended to whole Asia region. In addition, our committed quality service has resulted in a customer base of HK blue chip companies that includes a various sector of many organizations. Tralaco also has been qualified as "APPROVED UPS SPECIALIST" under Government of Hong Kong since the year of 1996.

With the increasing expectation from our customer, we have been setup a testing workshop centre in our office to ensure the reliability and availability for our supplied product. We also conduct pre-testing of our computer room facilities equipment before dispatching to customers.

We pride ourselves in delivering "One Stop" philosophy by maintaining and consolidating all of your critical equipment and systems under a single maintenance program. Our comprehensive maintenance program not only to save up the co-ordination timing among supplier or vendor, but also to pick up the unique maintenance responsibility for the whole computer room facilities. With our strong maintenance team and 24-hour emergency call service, we are able to ensure efficient operation of all our installations.

Our Facilities

To commit customer satisfaction and deliver quality product service, we spend lots of the resources to establish self-owned testing workshop center to provide high reliability product and service to our customers. Every supplied product which delivers to the site should perform bench test in our workshop before delivery. This measure will greatly reduce the installation time which is out of our expectation and enhance the availability of the critical facility equipment that the project completes on time.

Tralaco owns an in-house workshop facility to conduct any kinds of testing and troubleshooting for our supplied product.

  Act as a regional technical support center for our authorized UPS in Asia Pacific.
  Equip  with  state-of-the-art   facilities  that  can  fully  test   UPS   module  according  to their configuration before shipment
  Provide up to 400KVA testing Capacity suitable for full load testing of all UPS units
  With a storage area for spare parts with direct local supporting service
Our Professional Recognition
  Registered electrical contractor under Electricity (registration)regulation,HKSAR
  Aproved  specialist  for  supply  and installation of Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) system under Environment,Transport and Works Bureau,HKSAR
  Qualified professionals under Electricity (Registration)regulation , HKSAR
  A  team  of  experienced  and  customer-oriented   service  staff  to  monitor  the operation of computer room equipment all the time
Qualified expertise to help our client to design, installation of computer room facilities
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