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We have teams of specialist UPS engineers, experienced professionals to provide comprehensive "One Stop Shop" solutions including design, installation, maintenance and support service for following products.

We have a proven track reference in providing total solutions for the diverse sector of clients in Hong Kong and China. Click here for a glance looking for our achievement.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device to supply continuous and clean power to computer systems with following critical features:
Provide stable, clean and uninterruptible power supply range from 5KVA to 800KVA
Battery back up time from 10 min to 8 hours
Parallel operation of up to 8 units, providing system redundancy

Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)

CRAC are specially designed to remove concentrate heat from the computer room and maintain the optimum operating environment
Tight temperature control +/- 1C
Precise Humidity Control +/- 5% RH
90% sensible cooling capacity and 99.9% dust removing (EU4filter)
Various cooling methods: Air; water; Chilled water and Twin-cooled.



Electrical Power Distribution

Proper design and installation of a power distribution system for the computer room requires specialized skills. The service such as determining of power requirement, dual power feeding, computer safety ground, power touting, sizing on power cable and arrester, circuit breaker selection will be adopted.

Fire Fighting And Suppression System

Most computer rooms are equipped with the following
fire protection devices:
Fire detection and alarm system
FM200 gas extinguishing system
Smoke detector and temperature alarm
Emergency power cutoff system
Raised Flooring System

Raised floor is a requirement to be used in computer room. It provides the following advantages:

Act as an air passage for conditioned air distribution
Easily for network cabling and access to any part of void
Protect the network and power cable as well as plug and socket
Maintain a clean environment
Anti-static environment for computer equipment
Air outlet panel can be easily move together with computer system


Computer Room Management System

Provide our customers with computer room management system which can alert the off-site support staff of alarms or status on the site and key features are as below:

Monitor  most  kinds   of  equipment like UPS,  Air  Cooling System; Smoke and Water Detection, Battery and Security system etc.
Standard sensors for Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current etc.
Send alarm alert through SMS, email or Client software that prompt action can be taken immediately.


Battery Monitoring System

Ups system would be useless if there is no reliable support of battery bank. One single bad cell can result in open circuit and deteriorate whole string.
Tralaco provides battery monitoring solution to find out failure batteries that you can be given advance notice and take action before serious problems happened.

Key Features
Monitoring total and single battery voltage, string current and temperature etc.
Offer immediate warning of deterioration and imminent failure of batteries.
Clarify individual batteries which is beyond standard
Decrease the possibility of whole battery string damage.
Interruptible monitoring when discharge, recharge and floating.
Keep history record that you can analysis and evaluate battery performance.


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